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Wedding Planning on a Budget

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    How to Obtain Affordable Professional Photography & Videography Services – This Strategy alone saved us over $2,400

    Over 100 Bonus Resource Weblinks – You will more than pay for "Wedding Planning on a Budget" with just one or two of these weblinks but you get over 100

    Essential Pre-Planning Exercises – Do NOT attempt to plan your wedding without laying the foundation with these essential first steps

    The Secret to Low Cost Catering – You will be amazed to find out how you can get professional catering service nearly at cost – this secret saved us over $4,500

    Where to find Wedding Bargains – We can't wait to show you how to get your hands on some valuable wedding supplies at super low prices

    Get Your Wedding Dress at a Tiny Fraction of its Retail Value – Did you know that the manufacturing cost of a wedding dress is just a little more than $100 ?!?! We are going to show you how to get your wedding dress custom-made for you nearly at cost so that you pay less than $200. You pick your favorite wedding dress style and color and then the dress will be custom-made to fit your figure.

    Budget-Friendly Payment for Services – is FREE "budget-friendly" enough for you?

    Stunning Flower Arrangements at a Fraction of the Cost – We are going to reveal how we saved $1500 on our beautiful flower arrangements


    And That's Just A Start! We'll Also Show You...

    5 Custom Designed Worksheets that will practically do the planning (and the math!) for you – You don't want to try planning a big wedding event without these!

    Discover Your New Wedding Planning Team – Ever wish that you had a dozen or so elves doing your every bidding?? Here's the secret...

    How to Set Your Own Wedding Goals – A driver who isn't quite sure of her destination is lost - We are going to show you Your Wedding Map

    Where to get Discounted Services and Products – Find out how to get exactly what you're looking for at a sliver of what other brides are paying

    Record Keeping Made Easy – If you dread keeping track of budgets, then you haven't seen this little trick yet

    The Perfect Wedding Danger – So many weddings have been devastated by this unforeseen disaster

    Get Out of “The Wedding Box” – Because that is another way that you will save massive amounts of money...


    ...And There's Even More!


    How to Get Your Wedding Sponsored – You don't have to pay for everything. We will show you how to get various aspects of your wedding sponsored so that you can focus your limited financial resources on other aspects of your wedding

    Where to Get Free Wedding Tools and Things – "FREE" is our favorite word. Soon it'll be yours too!

    How to Pay Without Spending Money – Service Fees are one of the biggest wedding expenses. We will show you how to keep getting the services but stop paying for them

    The Seven Key Principles to Budget Wedding Planning – Remember we mentioned some super-powerful money-saving strategies? Well these are the Big Seven and we really can't say anymore here because they are top secret and only available to our readers. Let's just say, without these, we would be like all the other couples who overspent on their weddings and wouldn't even have the right to author this book

    The Secret to Purposeful Wedding Planning – We are going to help you think through some very important questions with startling answers that will guide you to the wedding your heart truly desires

    Your Hidden Planning Power – Ever wish your wedding would just plan itself??...

    How to Work with Wedding Professionals – We are going to give you a peak inside the wedding industry. When we're done, you'll know not only that wedding pros are people too but how you can work with these people to get what both you and they want – MORE MONEY!


    ...Plus We're Piling on These Valuable Tools and Resources!


    Special Access to 5 Wedding Planning Tools and Resources Valued at Over $300...

    Wedding Planning Software

    Wedding Planning Software


    The Wedding Planner's Guide

    Your Wedding Guide


    Wedding Minister's Kit

    Wedding Minister's Kit (sample vows and more)


    My Wedding Website

    Wedding Website


    Wedding Consultation


And You Also Get Our Second Book...

The Newlyweds' Guide to a Happy Marriage

My Wedding Website

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Most Amazing Wedding of Our Dreams Only Cost Us $1500

"Hello this is andrew and i just recently got married to the most amazing girl in the world on June 21, 2008, well im sure every man would say that about his girl.

Well I used this great Wedding Planner on a Budget and it was VERY helpful. WE had the most amazing wedding of our dreams and it only cost us $1500.

We appreciate the time that was put into this Planner it was a great help."

~ Andrew from Lancaster, PA
where the cost of a wedding would normally have been between $16,454 and $27,42

I Was Extremely SKEPTICAL

"While searching for tips to help with planning my wedding, I came across this site and was intrigued by what I found. It sounded helpful, but I was extremely skeptical because it would only cost $XX.XX. After debating what I had to lose, I decided to go for it simply because it was only $XX.XX and I certainly am glad I did!

The websites alone that are provided in the book are absolutely wonderful, not to mention the FREE gifts! In my opinion, the information and materials are worth a lot more than $XX.XX so I HIGHLY recommend this purchase!

Thanks to Tim and Lisa for sharing their story and being an inspiration to us all! "

~ Kim from Tallahassee, FL

Absolutely Love It

"I absolutely love it. Thank you so much. I'm really enjoying the great ideas and websites that you have provided. Thank-you!"

~ Sylvia from SK, CANADA

The Information in This Book is Priceless

"This book has been an inspiration for me. This is my second wedding and I did not want to spend so much money this time around. I am sticking to 5K and I do not want to go over by a penny.

The information in this book is priceless when you compare it to the price you would pay for wedding books, manuals, even wedding coordinators! Not only is it priceless but you can download it instantly. I especially enjoy using the [wedding planning software] that your book suggests to use. It is AWESOME.

I thank you for sharing your testimony with the world."

~ Michelle from Tampa, FL
where the cost of a wedding would normally have been between $19,473 and $32,455

We Were Able to Keep Our Wedding Under $2,500

"Everyone who's planning a wedding needs to read this book!!!!

My Husband and I were able to keep our wedding under $2,500 using the techniques in this great book!!!!

This book is a must!!!"

~ Sarah from Potterville, MI where the cost of a wedding would normally have been between $21,197 and $35,328

We Will Not Need $5,000 for Our Wedding After All!

"I started reading the second I opened it. It is great! I started to ckeck out the sites you offered and guess what? I found two dresses for under $300!

We set a budget for $5,000 but we are noticing that we will not need $5,000 for our wedding after all!

I am saving on a lot of things. The bridesmaids' dresses are under $100. I am having 3 BMs. I got a photographer for $500. The hall is $1,500 with set up and servers plus bridal suite included. We are doing our own centerpieces. We bought 26 vases for about $22.

After planning my wedding i will take classes to become a wedding planner."

~ Sandra from Philadelphia, PA
where the cost of a wedding would normally have been between $17,603 and $29,338

I'm Saving SO Much Money

"I just recently purchased your book and already I feel like I am saving SO much money. Thank you SO much for sharing your ideas in your book.

My fiance and I are getting married May 29, 2010. Using the time I have to plan and the techniques in your book I know we will be able to stay within our budget of $5,000."

~ Amanda from Bellbrook, OH
where the cost of a wedding would normally have been between $26,501 and $44,169

It Was Wonderful

"It was wonderful. I found lots of inexpensive ways to make it beautiful. I actually spent $6,000 total with the bulk of the cost going to the reception venue where we had a catered meal for 125 people. It was a very blessed and fabulous day, thanks."

~ Andrea from Charlotte, NC where the cost of a wedding would normally have been between $17,363 and $28,938

I Was So Surprised

"The planning is going very well. Our budget is $7500. I was so surprised that I was able to rent a public park and building (owned by the city) for $1900 for 10 hours. SHOCKED and AMAZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would never even have searched that hard had it not been for your book. We may not even need our budget to be that big. Thank you so much!"

~ Jacquetta from Baltimore, MD
where the cost of a wedding would normally have been between $13,310 and $22,183

A Must for Anyone Planning a Wedding on a Budget

"The book you wrote is wonderful !!!!! I have gotten so many great ideas.

This book is a must, for anyone planning a wedding on a budget. The money I saved on my centerpieces alone was worth every penny"

~ Kim from Carmichael, CA

Knocking Out Expenses

"I've already read through half of the book. I just drew out the excel spreadsheet and jotted down the ideas as they came as you said and its knocking out a number of expenses that I thought were just part of having a wedding.

Thank you very much. I'm certain to give a reference of your website to my friends and family."

~ Sarah from Port Orchard, WA

Enabled Us to Go on Our Dream Honeymoon to London and Paris!

"You're book was so helpful to me as I planned my wedding. I got married on October 9; it was a magical day!

I used so many of your tips to help keep costs down. And, we were able to have the wedding of our dreams for a lot less than we thought, which enabled us to go on our dream honeymoon to London and Paris!

Our day was wonderful and we couldn't have done it so beautifully and at such a low cost, had it not been for your book! Thanks so much!"

~ Stacy, OH


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